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Welcome Wild Birds!

We Recommend

Bugs N’ Berries®



A premium wild bird food containing our unique three-bug blend and berries.



  • Unique Three-bug Blend – Supports wild birds with a protein-rich bird food blend that provides the nutritional benefits of insects all year round

  • No Fillers – No millet, no milo and no corn.

  • Nutritionally Fortified (with an added supplement)

  • Uniquely Cleaned

  • Locked Formula


Primary Species:

Bluebirds, Grosbeaks, Finches, Titmice and other insect-eating outdoor birds.

Feeding Directions:

Feed desired amount in a tube feeder with large holes, hopper feeder, platform feeder or on the ground. Keep feeders full. Clean feeders frequently. Keep clean, fresh water available. Feed all year long.

Preferred Feeder Type:

  1. Hopper Feeder

  2. Tube Feeder (Large Holes)

  3. Platform Feeder

  4. On the Ground